Pula Airport as the foundation of its business considers a continuous work on development and improvement the quality of all its activities and services. Subsequently, we have recognized the importance of ISO 9001:2008 quality standard, which we acquired during January 2013 after one year of preparation.  Our ISO 9001:2008 quality standard was the first step for establishment of Pula Airports’ Quality management system for the business of providing services of the handling of passengers, aircraft and cargo.

In order to obtain the certification, among others, various internal procedures have been defined and implemented to increase the transparency of decision-making andoperations within the airport, and raise the quality of work of all employees, and thus the quality of services provided to passengers and airlines. One of the procedure and method of monitoring customer satisfaction services will be our guiding star to raise the level of quality of our services.
Our goal is to provide high quality services of passengers, aircraft and cargo handling for the satisfaction of all our customers.

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Pula Airport is constantly working on the development and implementation of processes focused on achieving the highest level of safety in accordance with national and international standards, in order to ensure a safe stay for all passengers and their goods, employees and visitors on Pula Airport.

For this purpose, we are continuously working on implementation of safety management system which represents a organized approach to safety management, including the organizational structure, procedures, policies, etc. Pula Airport safety management system represents a unit which includes all airport sectors and services that are part of aviation safety.

The aim of the introduction and implementation of the safety management system is that with risk control and minimizing the number of potential accidents in daily work, it minimizes the number of possible hazards to the safety of passengers, employees and other personnel and material goods.