The Law on Access to Information enables and ensures the guaranteed right of access to information by the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia and the re-use of information to physical and legal persons.

Information is available to any domestic or foreign physical or legal person in accordance with the terms and limitations of the Right to Access Information Act.


  • Act on Right to Access to Information Official Gazette No 25-13, 85-15
  • Airports Act Official Gazette No 19-98, 14-11 78-15
  • Air Traffic Act Official Gazette No 69-09, 84-11, 54-13, 127-13, 92-14



The right to access information and reuse of information is realized by:

  1. submitting a request in writing to the address: Airport Pula Ltd., Valtursko polje 210, Ližnjan (pp 89 52100 Pula); or
  2. sending an e-mail on; or
  3. by phone on +385 (0)52 530 290

Pula Airport Information Officer:
Zoran Lukež, Head of legal affairs