Pula Airport this year, continues a series of record scoring.

After the record of June, July and August, we record for the first time three consecutive months with a number of more than 100,000 passengers, as well as a record number of aviation operations, and in September we continue our successful series of record numbers.

Until September 12, 2018. through Pula Airport passed 600.000 passengers, so many passengers Pula was not had from Croatia’s independence, and we already passed the last year’s record of 500.000 passengers at the beginning of August.

Last year, we concluded with 595.495 passengers, while this year we expect to exceed 700.000 passengers and we hoped to surpass the number of passengers from 1987., when 701.370 passengers passed through our airport.

So far, the total turnover from January to August has increased by 20% compared to last year, although our forecasts were a 15% increase in passenger numbers.

This summer, Pula was connected by direct flights from 20 countries. We are connected with 76 destinations with direct flights, in cooperation with 42 companies.

It is still possible to fly flights from 17 companies for 22 destinations, and by the end of September we have lines to: Belgrade, Zurich and London Heathrow, and by the end of October we have lines to 20 destinations, which are still London, Oslo, Nantes, Frankfurt, Dublin, Rotterdam, Edinburgh, Moscow, Leeds Bradford, Manchester, Warsaw, Dusseldorf, Koeln, Berlin, Brussels, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Bristol Helsinki and Liverpool.

It should be stressed again that the reason for these figures lies in the fact of the synergy of all tourism stakeholders in Istria. This is primarily the Tourist Board of the Istrian Region, then the hotel industry with its investments in new hotel facilities, as well as the skills of negotiating and presenting all the carriers of the beauty of Istria and the possibilities for a beautiful and attractive vacation that provide all the destinations in the Airport.

We are extremely proud of the fact that the airline companies, recognize our work and professionalism and our relationship with business partners and passengers, which keeps the constant serious, safe and exceptional airport services.


Svemir Radmilo, CEO